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While technology can improve a mediocre image, if you want great photographs you have to hire great photographers.

Emma Duncan, The Economist 1843

I knew at the age of 12,  I either wanted to be the Bionic Woman or a photographer.  Since I was not very coordinated, I became a photographer.  By the time I was 16, my  photographs had illustrated two books, Colorado Ghost Towns and Mining Camps (University of Oklahoma, 1985) and Colorado Homes (University of Oklahoma, 1986). Later, in photography school, I broadened my interests to shooting people, food and architecture.  

I have continued my love for publishing and have been the photographer for six more books and contributed to many others, as well as to countless magazines. 

Today, I help clients figure out what is best for them in terms of their photographic needs.  Portraits should look realistic and show the subjects in an environment in which they are comfortable. These photographs should tell their stories. Food photographs should look delicious and make the viewer's mouth water.  Architectural photos should be warm and inviting. If I accomplish these things, I have done my job.


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