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The Studio

My solar-powered studio is located just down the hill from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado.  It is a short, 25-minute drive from Denver.


The studio is located on a 1/2-acre lot containing gardens and large trees. Its exterior is finished in rustic barn wood.  The studio's interior is white, which provides an empty palette ready for the next creative shoot.  


This is the perfect location for photographing people, food and products, as it is fully stocked with props and backdrops of your choosing.  The garden also presents many options for photographing people and objects in a natural setting.

Prices are difficult to post on a website because there are so many variables.  I charge based on the amount of work involved in taking the photograph, processing the images and retouching them.  I provide the prints at cost.  It's best if we talk so that I can get an idea of what you want.  Once I know what you're looking for, I will give you a cost that works for you. 


Please contact me and we will discuss you ideas.  

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