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52 Tuesdays: Junior Codougan

Never have I seen a man walk with such speed, accuracy and determination. St. Vincent born Junior Codougan delivers mail to your Golden, Colorado home 6 days a week, working a 10-12 hour day.

Junior worked for the government in the engineering department in Barbados but wanted to venture out and see new things.

“I came to New York in 2005. New York was fine but it was claustrophobic and I felt like I was trapped. I moved to Ohio, lived there for many years, but visited a friend who was from Denver. I later ended up marrying her, and moved to Colorado.

“One thing I always wanted to do when I was young was to work for the Post Office. The Golden route is a challenging walking route; you have to walk up steps and hills and a lot of people don’t like the physicality of it because it’s taxing on the body. But I like the outdoors and I like the freedom. Yeah, there’s times when it’s hot or there’s times when it’s cold, but that’s the challenge of it. The good thing, at the end of the day, once you get the mail out, you feel good. There is always a good feeling.

“You move fast according to your day. There are days where you have to hit every house. It looks like it’s easy. But at first, for me it was work-work-work. But then you get accustomed to your route and the area. I’ve started making friends with people in the community. They appreciate me and tell me it’s good to see a familiar face.”


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