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52 Tuesdays: Scott Burcar

Golden resident Scott Burcar has had many different interests in his life. He received a degree in Geology. Then, due to lack of opportunities in the field, started a painting company. He worked in Nevada doing gold exploration, studied hydro geology for grad school then worked for a company in Boulder contracted by Rocky Flats. After three years, he realized his heart wasn’t really into the work so he went back to school to get his teaching certificate.

“Teaching was way out of my wheel house, “said Scott. “I had never considered it.” But, after going through student teaching, Burcar was offered a job at Golden High School, teaching Geology, five blocks from his house.

Through his 20 career at Golden High School, Scott has not only taught Geology, in 2011 he started the Golden High School mountain bike team. “I needed money for the team,” says Burcar. “I had never done this, so I put together a flyer, went around to businesses, sporting outlets, bike shops, it was a super pleasant experience because people did support it for the kids. The first year we did it, we had like 13 kids.” Today the Golden HS team has 80 athletes in grades 9 through 12 and 35 kids through the developemental program grades 6 -8. Burcar coached for the first 10 years.

Now retired from teaching, Burcar has been inventing. His invention, three years in the making, is the “Hangee.” It’s a corner hook that uses two high-strength magnets that magnetically attach to the metal corner bead (protecting the drywall) that is hidden beneath the paint on all interior and exterior corners. From this, he started making canvases for painters that also sticks to the corner bead, with a canvas on either side of the corner.

“When I was teaching, I came up with models and stuff I would make to convey ideas to students. I’ve always been a hands-on making stuff kind-of-guy.”

Scott shows no signs of slowing down. He is always working on something, riding his bike, camping, working on his house, yard or in his shop, inventing of course.

The Hangee is found at Green Mountain, Lakewood & Arvada Ace Hardware Stores, and McGuckin Hardware, in Boulder .


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