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Acknowledgements for 52 Tuesdays: Lloyd Athearn & Sandra Dallas

It is said that many girls marry their father, but I seem to have married a man who is very much like my mother. My husband, Lloyd, is passionate about what he does for a living (, and we have that in common. Lloyd has always been supportive of my artistic journeys both successful and unsuccessful. He, like my mother, is a skilled writer and helped edit many of my “52 Tuesdays” stories. I will never understand where he wants me to put the commas, but I am grateful for his help and his companionship.

My mother, Sandra Dallas, is one of my heroes. You may have read my story about her, but what you don’t know is that she took me, an ADD and dyslexic daughter, and helped nurture me into a photographer and storyteller. Mom would come home from work during her lunch breaks to see how the black-and-white photo printing was coming for a book the two of us were working on. She would go down to the darkroom and tell me to use a different filter or to burn or dodge an area for a better-looking photo. That book, Colorado Ghost Towns and Mining Camps, and a second one, Colorado Homes, got me into college and still provide me with and annual royalty check.

Photo: Lloyd Athearn & Sandra Dallas

In addition to editing my writing, Mom also reminded me about keeping the stories positive or I would lose my reader. I didn’t always agree but would re-write the piece and then like the re-written story much better.

Thanks to all of you who have commented or liked my stories. I hope that by highlighting many different kinds of people, I have shown alternative points of views and experiences. By seeking out a variety of folks, I have grown as a human being and look forward to my next shoot. -Povy


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