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Eclectics: Karin Lazarus

“I could spend days just thinking about flavors that I want to work with and ideas for new cookies or chocolates. That’s what I love,” says owner of Boulder cannabis bakery Karin Lazarus.

Lazarus was there at the beginning. Fourteen years-ago she started her bakery, Sweet Mary Jane. The Classic Pot Brownie is one of their top sellers.  So is their popcorn, or how about a Strawberry Crumble Chocolate Bar? Lazarus’ bakery makes chocolates, cookies, popcorn, brownies and tinctures. The tinctures come in various doses that are psychoactive and non- psychoactive. Both have medicinal qualities.

Photo: Karin Lazarus

A young 13-year-old epileptic boy has had great success for the last eight years using Lazarus’ THC-A product (non-psychoactive THC tincture). Even your pet who is suffering from separation anxiety or pain can find relief in their Creature Comfort THC-A.


Lazarus now uses THC distillate which eliminates the marijuana flavor from her baking. But those who do care for that weed taste will be happy with some of her Rosin chocolate bars that keep that flavor in.


“I was that kid on the block who was selling cookies instead of lemonade,” says Lazarus.  “When I started this [bakery], it was all about the creativity…I want to use natural, whole foods and fresh, vibrant, adventurous ingredients to create products that are good for you and a pleasure to eat. And that’s what I do.”




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